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Beauty Heath for Development industries Co was founded in 2015, manufacturer and supplier of personal care products and household cleaning products.

Our main products currently are: wet wipes, kitchen towels and air fresheners.

Beauty Health is one of the largest manufacturers of wet wipes in the Middle East, where you find our products in several countries such as: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Congo, Tanzania.

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Why us?

We can manufacture a wide range of wet wipes in a variety of sizes, materials and weights.Such as baby wipes, personal hygiene wipes, cosmetic wipes, adult wipes, car cleaning wipes, multipurpose cleaning household rolls, etc.

The factory is ISO 22716/2007 certified. Manufacturing is carried out according to GMP international standards, with automatic production lines that are not touched by hands, according to European standards, to guarantee our customers the speed of delivery, the lowest cost and the best quality.

Production lines and laboratories are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure high quality products, free from defects, and suit the needs of customers of different sizes, sizes and types.

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